“Mama Said”

Some folks refer to my culture as the “matriarchal south.” I have heard disparaging comments about that as though it is something inferior. Well I don’t think so. To suggest that there’s something wrong with it is to suggest that there’s something wrong with strong women. We pass our wisdom along down here through our mothers: “Mama said.” A mother can inspire and imprint generations of her descendants. My own mama was an influential high school teacher who inspired generations of students in addition to her own students. She retired in the late 1980’s after nearly 4 decades in the classroom. In a reversal of the ordinary, people tell me what my mama said. Just last week a former student of hers told me that circa 1979, she told his class that the advent of the computer spelled the doom of communism because the communist governments would be unable to control communication. You might be too young to remember the status of computers in 1979, but I’m not – I was a college freshman. There were no personal computers. Mama’s words were prophetic and profound. Mama hated communism – she fought her own war on it through years of teaching the state-required course to ninth graders at Slocomb High School. I can only imagine how she would react to self-professed socialists running for president if she thought McGovern was suspect. This blog is dedicated to the wisdom of mothers everywhere, but in particular to that of Betty (“Bake”) Reeves


Palmer. Because of computers Mama’s wisdom can endure for other generations even though she long since has passed through this world and gone on to her reward.